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Västgöta-Data AB delivers senior and junior consultants to SAAB AB for developing, programming and testing defence applications. We work with mainstream- but also more uncommon programming languages.

Västgöta-Data has architectured, designed and implemented a Samhall AB's endevour to create a data-warehouse for analysis and planning. The data warehouse processes and generates key indicators and reporting tables from a range of business and personnel systems. The data warehouse supports business development and company governance opportunities that ensue proper data management. - Annika Molin, Chef IT-Systemförvaltning Samhall AB

Västgöta-Data AB has architectured and manages both backbone and distribution networks for Gothia Science Parks. The solution includes design and management of a gateway solution using over 100 VLANs, each with separated DHCP, switch and router configurations, trunks, security and maintenance.

"We use zFTPServer on a daily basis and it’s been working out extremely well for us from day one. We mostly apply it for transfers of heavy files between our worldwide offices, but zFTPServer also exchanges information between our partners in different projects and helps us in managing licenses and installing procedures. Using zFTPServer is easy and problem free, as it should be, and we’re really satisfied with that."
- Stefan Brax, Tornum AB

"We mainly use SFTP for delivering heavy media files between us and our customers. Since we started off with zFTPServer we've been using it quite rigorously and we're happy to say that its stability and functionality is impressive."
- Patrik Littmann, Vidino AB